Monday, May 18, 2015

Attending MongoDB World in NYC?

Hi folks,

I've been quiet for a long time since I last wrote.
The last several months were exciting times for me in many fronts.
I took some time to stay away, get some breath, retune and refocus.

I have taken a super-exciting opportunity with Cisco, joined a startup within the big corp, running separately, running fast, located in Cambridge MA, at the heart of where all innovation is happening.

We're developing a new paradigm in the management of security appliances, from the cloud with a lot of analytics, wisdom and science around it.

I get to do a lot of creating, architecting and engineering around these same things I love, data and databases, and with an awesome group of super-talented people around me. Living the dream! :)

If you are in New York on the beginning of June, come over to MongoDB World conference!
And while you're there, make sure you come and hear what I have to say in my session "Securing MongoDB to Serve an AWS-Based, Multi-Tenant, Security-Fanatic SaaS Application"

Monday, June 1, at 11:40.

Use the code SpeakerFriend for a 15% discount at!!

See you at #MongoDBWorld!!